Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Online lessons are available through Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime. This format is ideal for students who have moved and would like to continue lessons until they’re settled, students who prefer this method of learning, or students who do not live locally and would like to study with me. 

Students receive a detailed weekly lesson assignment sheet, access to my online music library memberships, participate in an online monthly group lesson, and online recital events.

Online students participate in a monthly online group lesson in which students will play music-themed games, learn about the composer of the month, interact with other SPS students, and play their current piano pieces for one another.

Online lessons require my presence in my studio to have access to my piano, supplies, music, and video equipment during the lesson. The preparation time before and after online lessons is significantly more than a regular studio lesson. Students receive a detailed weekly assignment lesson sheet (PDF document), which often includes additional resources, links, and music. The lesson rates reflect these items.

Additionally, the online format is utilized for current SPS students who are unable to attend their regular studio or in-home lesson when they’re traveling or sickness prevents an in-person lesson.

Summer lessons in June and August are offered with a flexible schedule for students who attend summer camps and have travel plans.

Monthly tuition covers 36 weeks of lessons (includes 4 weeks of vacation during Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s, Spring Break), monthly group lessons, and recitals.  The 2021-22 year runs August 31 to the first week of June.  Semester supply fee (due in September & January) is $30/per student, which covers lesson supplies, a selection of music, group lesson costs, special events, and any recital fees.  For families with 3+ students, please contact me for a sibling discount. 


MONTHLY TUITION for 2021-22 school year (August 31st-June 2nd)
45 minute Lessons$185/mth
60 minute Lessons$225/mth