The two questions I ask a new student are: What are your goals for piano lessons? What kind of music do you like and want to learn?

The student’s goals are what shape the lessons. The music we work on depends on the student because music is personal and tastes vary between people. Playing music the individual enjoys is the incentive, and removes the stigma of “practice.” Tailoring the lessons to each student’s interests foster a natural excitement to learn, create, and enjoy their musical experience.

The student-teacher relationship is adapted for each student and based on varying components such as age, technical level, years of study, learning style, personal goals, and reasons for taking lessons. The commonality in my approach is to help each student learn well the language of music, to freely express themselves through the music, enjoy the learning process, and experience the great reward of playing music on the piano.

Every lesson includes music theory, history, and technique as we work through their musical selections. In addition to learning specific music, students are introduced to improvisation, composing, sight reading, and collaboration with other students.

Piano lessons teach so much more than music. Students learn life skills such as problem solving, time management, perseverance, setting and achieving goals, memorization, and mental focus.

Regular opportunities to share their music with others in our fun, monthly group lessons provide a safe place to experience public performance and speaking. Special performance events, NCMTA competition, Federation Festival, contest opportunities, and attendance of area concerts are additional benefits of Sempre Piano Studio.

If this approach to piano lessons & music appeals to you, contact me to start your piano adventures today!