Lessons range from 45 or 60 minutes for pre-K to adults. As the student progresses, it is natural for the lesson time to grow with the student. Longer lessons or multiple lessons per week are available for advanced students.

In-studio lessons are available in which the student will have their lesson on my grand piano, have access to all my music props and books, quiet atmosphere to focus on learning, and access to my Yamaha Clavinova to warm-up for their lesson.

In-home lessons provides a convenience and luxury for busy families–no longer will you have to commute to the lesson, load up a car-full of kids, juggle multiple children during lessons, hassle with weather or traffic, stress over forgotten music books or supplies. Let me come to you!

Online lessons are available through Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime. This format is ideal for students who have moved and would like to continue lessons until they’re settled, students who prefer this method of learning, or students who do not live locally and would like to study with me. 

Students receive a detailed weekly lesson sheet, access to my online music library memberships, participate in an online monthly group lesson, and online recital events.


For convenience and efficiency, lessons are invoiced on a monthly rate. This covers the academic school year from September 1st to the first week of June, which includes 36 weeks of lessons over 9 months. Some months have 5 weeks of lessons, most have 4 weeks, and November & December have 3 weeks. To remedy the guessing game for each month, the rates will be the same each month (last invoice is May; last lesson is the first week of June) and spread evenly over 9 months.

In-studio lesson rates:  45 minute lessons = $175/month. 60 minute lessons = $225/month. Please inquire for longer lessons and multiple lessons per week.

Travel lesson rates: 45 minute lessons = $210/month. 60 minute lessons = $270/month. Please inquire for longer lessons and multiple lessons per week.

Online lesson rates: 45 minute lessons = $190/month. 60 minute lessons = $230/month. Please inquire for longer lessons and multiple lessons per week.


Cash, check, or payment through Zelle or NFCU. Please make checks payable to SHERYL TJON.

Payment for piano lessons is due at the beginning of each month or at the first lesson. Any books or supplies purchased through Ms. Tjon, registration fees, or concert tickets are additional.

If the tuition is not received by the tenth of the month, a $15 late fee will be incurred and lessons will be suspended until tuition is paid.

There is a $20.00 fee for all returned checks.


There is a $30 semester fee per student. This fee will cover costs for group lessons, printing music from subscription sites, lesson & music lab supplies, and recitals. This fee will be due at the beginning of each semester (Sept. & Jan.).

Optional Fees: This would include CFMTA events, NCMTA festival contests, or master classes that are optional and have a separate fee. This will be collected prior to the event if the student chooses to participate.


Each student should bring 4 items to their lesson: a notebook, a pencil, a two-pocket folder, and their piano music.

All students must have a piano on which to practice regularly. An acoustic piano is the preference. If a digital piano is chosen, one with weighted keys, a full keyboard (88 keys), and two pedals should be selected. Please see Ms. Tjon for suggestions on where to buy a piano locally and advice on which piano would be most suitable for your family.

The student will be responsible to purchase their piano books selected by the teacher. If the teacher has the music book, the cost will be added to the monthly invoice. Any supplemental books or supplies (flashcards, metronome, music) are the responsibility of the student. If more music is needed, the parent will be notified before any music is ordered.

Additional recommended supplies: a metronome (either an app or a free-standing metronome).


The student (with parents) has reserved time each week, and commitment to regular attendance is expected. Both of our time is valuable and an investment.

Should the teacher need to miss a lesson, the studio shall assume financial responsibility.  The studio will offer a make-up lesson, reimbursement, or schedule a substitute piano teacher.

In the case of inclement weather or emergency, parents will be contacted immediately. A live video lesson via Zoom, Facebook live, or other platform will be used. If this option is unavailable or circumstances warrant the lesson to be cancelled, a make-up lesson will be offered on a designated day.

In the event of an absence by the student, there are no scheduled make-up lessons and the student assumes financial responsibility. Please note that if the student arrives late, the lesson cannot be extended. If you think you will be delayed or will miss a lesson in advance, please notify me as soon as possible.

Thanks to technology,  should the student need to miss their lesson we can use a live video platform (Facebook Live, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) during their  regularly scheduled lesson time. Please contact Ms. Tjon prior to the lesson for this option.

There will be learning opportunities with group lessons, special events, and recitals throughout the school year to replenish any missed private instruction.


Group Lessons meet once a month at my studio on the first Sunday of every month except September (due to Labor Day) and January, which will be the second week. Students will be divided into three groups: Group 1 (K-3) from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.; Group 2 (3-5th grade) from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.; Group 3 (ages 12+) from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Students will play music-themed games that reinforce theory with a fun, interactive, and kinesthetic approach, learn music history through the composer of the month and listen to excerpts or watch recorded performances of the composer’s music, and have the opportunity to play the pieces they’re working on or have mastered for one another.

Parents can drop off their child and do not need to stay for this event.

Online Group Lessons take place through Zoom. Students will interact with one another playing music-related games, learn about the composer of the month from their Piano Explorer subscription, and play their piano pieces for each other. Depending on group size, the monthly online group lesson is 60 – 90 minutes.


In addition to the regular lesson, the studio will offer group activities for all SPS students. These activities are optional. See SPECIAL EVENTS page.


QPyZMDRsRei9IwjSZj9YzQMaking beautiful music takes commitment and practice. In order for the student to grow musically, a daily, non-interrupted time to practice is essential. Commitment to practicing consistently will allow the pianist to improve and better enjoy his or her musical experience. Practice length will vary according to the student’s level, but all students should aim to practice five times per week. The goal is to practice the length of one’s lesson time each day. While practice can include all aspects of music–playing the instrument, theory, writing composition, improvising, practicing rhythm, “reading” music, and so forth–there is no substitute for exercising one’s fingers on the piano keys.


Parental support is so important in the success of each student. The assignment notebook is our means of weekly communication about expectations, assignments, scheduling reminders, and progress. Parents and students have my contact information and are free to reach me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts throughout the week.

Encouragement and support for regular practice are foundational in the musician’s development. Commitment to regular practice will see the greatest results and give the student a profound sense of accomplishment.

All parents or guardians are welcome at any time to observe the lesson, so long as it does not become a distraction for the student or teacher. Please notify me in advance if someone other than an immediate family member would like to observe a lesson.


If a student must discontinue lessons, a written, two-week notice is requested. This allows SPS to fill the student’s lesson time. Payment is due through the end of the two-week notice.