Studio Lessons

Studio Lessons

In-studio lessons provide one-to-one instruction on my grand piano in a quiet atmosphere to facilitate the learning process. Student have access to my library of music and books, rhythmic instruments, and musical props.

Private weekly lessons range from 45 or 60 minutes. As the student progresses, it is natural for the lesson time to grow with the student. Longer lessons or multiple lessons per week are available for advanced students.

One of the benefits of private piano lessons with SPS is the additional monthly group lesson. Explore the fun students have at the monthly group lessons here.

Monthly tuition includes 36 weeks of lessons over a 40 week period (there are 4 weeks of vacation during Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s, Spring Break). The tuition includes a weekly private lesson, one monthly group lesson, special performances, and a Red Carpet Spring Recital. The 2022-23 school year begins on August 29 and concludes the first week of June, culminating with the Red Carpet Spring Recital on Sunday afternoon on June 4, 2023. 

Monthly tuition provides continuity and efficiency for families. The months with 5 weeks of lessons evens out the months with 3 or 4 weeks of lessons. The final week of June is the 36th week and is included with the final invoice of May.

Monday lessons have 32 weeks of lessons, with 4 weeks of vacation and 4 weeks off for federal holidays. The monthly rate will be slightly lower than the 36 weeks rate. Contact me for the monthly tuition rate for Monday lessons. Please note: Monday lessons on May 29, Memorial Day, will be moved to Tuesday that week to prepare for the Red Carpet Spring Recital the following Sunday.

Fees. The semester supply fee is $30/per student and due in September & January. This fee covers lesson supplies, a selection of music, group lesson costs, and some special performances.

For families with 3+ students, please contact me for a sibling discount. 

Monthly tuition will be pro-rated for students beginning lessons after the 1st of the month.

Summer lessons have two sessions: Summer Session I is from June 5 to 21 (lessons available on M, T, & W). Summer Session II is from August 1 to 17 (lessons available on T, W, & Th). Summer sessions have a flexible schedule to accommodate students who attend summer camps and have travel plans. These two sessions are also a great opportunity for new students to take some lessons and see if SPS is a good fit for your family. Contact me for more information (


MONTHLY TUITION for 2022-23 school year (August 29 – June 1, 2023)
45 minute lessons$175/mth
60 minute lessons$225/mth